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Community Outreach – Homeless Connect (May 2023)

We enjoyed a beautiful day at Homeless Connect at the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds on Thursday 18 May. As well as being the organiser and attending the “Ekka grounds” on the previous day to set up our stand, Aileen Conradi was there on the day, along with Lee-Anne Gaskill and Monica Nebauer. We were to have another member present, but unfortunately, she was unable to attend at the last minute because of illness.

From left: Monica Nebauer, Aileen Conradi, Lee-Anne Gaskill

There were over 800 people of all ages who visited the Homeless Connect event. While many of the guests were older people, there were also many young families with children as well as young women with babies. We were positioned between the Vaccination stand and the Optometry stand. It was sobering and very sad to see so many people who are homeless – that is, living on the street, or couch surfing, living in garages, cars, or boarding houses.

We were allocated a relatively small area in which we could fit only one massage table and a chair. We implemented the following HT techniques – 2 on 1 Chakra Connection (CC) and Mind Clearing (MC). Most guests received CC and a few received MC but some received both techniques. We were privileged to treat around 20 people during the course of the day. Sadly, because of lack of time, there were some guests we were not able to assist. If Homeless Connect is to be offered again in November this year, we hope our Chapter will be able to secure a stand so we can bring some heart-centred love into the challenging lives of the guests who will attend. It is our opportunity to give back to our Brisbane community.

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Such a wonderful day for all. Thank you for volunteering and sharing the love.

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