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Management Committee

Lesleys Bio Photo.jpg
Lesley Pointon - President

I have completed Level 4 in Healing Touch and regularly assist as a Helper in Level 1, 2 and 3  workshops.  I live in Brisbane and am passionate about treating my family and friends and seeing improvements in their well-being.  I have been associated with Healing Touch since 2014 and am currently serving as the President of the Australian Healing Touch Program Association Inc of which I am a Charter Member. I also assist at promotional events throughout the year and particularly enjoy assisting the other members of our Chapter at the ‘Homeless Connect’ days where we offer Healing Touch treatments to many less fortunate people within our Brisbane community.  I love the beauty within Energy Healing and the joy and bliss I feel with each practice.

My vision as the President of the Association is to build Healing Touch awareness in our communities by -

  • encouraging others to enjoy a Healing Touch treatment and find out for themselves the benefits of this modality;

  • growing the number of students participating in our courses so that more people can enjoy the benefits of Healing Touch within their families and communities, and

  • growing our Association of energy healers to create a vibrant, cohesive, joyful community. 

Monica Bio photo.JPG
Dr Monica Nebauer - Vice President

I am Dr Monica Nebauer, RN (ret), PhD, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor and Qualified Mentor with Healing Touch Program in the USA.  Following seven years as the inaugural President of the Australian Healing Touch Program Association, I am currently enjoying my new role of Vice-President of our national Association.  I have extensive experience in teaching health professionals in health care settings and Universities in Australia.  However, the most important part of my life is practising and teaching Healing Touch (energy healing) to people who want to learn ways of staying healthy that are complementary to the biomedical model of health care. My life purpose and dream is to practice and teach Healing Touch to as many people as possible, whether they are health professionals or lay people, so that eventually, Healing Touch will be known about and practised in every home, residential care facility and hospital in Australia.

Aileens bio photo 2019.jpg
 Aileen Conradi - Hon. Secretary

I am a Healing Touch Practitioner.  I have been involved with Healing Touch since 2013 and more recently have been the Secretary of the Australian Healing Touch Professional Association Incorporated for the past two years. Although my working life has always been in administrative roles, I have always had an interest in alternative medicine and the healing arts. I have studied Massage, Touch for Health and completed short courses in Homeopathy and Aromatherapy.

I love the simplicity of Healing Touch, practicing a Hara Alignment Meditation daily is just one of the wonderful techniques we can use to stay in a state of heart centeredness.   

I look forward to seeing the Healing Touch Program grow in Australia and being able to spend more time practicing this modality of healing.

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Gillian Robertson - Hon. Treasurer

Gillian is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner & Certified Instructor and strives towards her goal of sharing Healing Touch with as many people as possible, so that they too can enjoy the benefits of this gentle and life-changing modality.   She has worked extensively with energy therapies and has a passion to help others to improve and maintain their health and well-being.  She has chosen to specialise in the gentle hands & heart-centred therapy of Healing Touch due to the many benefits her clients have experienced during and after HT sessions. 

Gillian has volunteered since September 2006 as a therapist providing Healing Touch, Reiki, and Hand & Foot massage to patients, family and carers at Solaris Cancer Care Centres, the Albany Hospice and in several major hospitals in Albany and Perth, Western Australia.  

In July 2007, she took up the role of Co-ordinator for the State of Western Australia and the Albany Lead for her local Healing Touch Program Chapter/Support group.  Gillian currently instructs in Levels 1 and 2 of the Healing Touch Program curriculum; is a Mentor and former committee member of the HTP Ethics Committee, and Charter Member of HTPA and AHTPAI.

Dorothy Bio Pic.jpg
Dorothy Dunshea - New South Wales Representative

Dorothy lives in Sydney and is a charter member of the Australia Healing Touch Program Association Inc., where she has completed Level 3 in Healing Touch.  When Dorothy received a Diploma in Shiatsu, it was in her studies that she discovered the importance and wonder of energy healing.  Prior to her Shiatsu training, Dorothy has completed a Pastoral Care counselling course, Reiki I & II and Rosen Method Bodywork, she has also completed and then for 15 years assisted  in personal growth courses involving Gestalt therapy. When Dorothy was introduced to Healing Touch she immediately felt a deeper connection.  She knew that, that is what she had to do, to help people find their own inner peace, joy, love and self worth. 

Shelley Spicer - Western Australian Representative

I'm a Student HTP Practitioner Level 3, Advanced 1& 2 living in the hills south west of Perth, Western Australia. I have been involved with Energy Medicine since 2013. I am a member of HTPA and Charter Member of Australian Healing Touch Program Association. I run meetings of the Perth Chapter and  connect with the Albany Chapter in the south of Western Australia. I am involved in promotion days at expos and workshops. I have been volunteering HT sessions to local aged care facilities and like to work with people suffering trauma. I am honoured to serve as W.A. Rep for AHTPA "LOVE IS ALL THERE IS". This is the one constant in the universe and in HTP.

Suzanne Doyle - Voting Committee

Suzanne was raised in the Lamington National Park and now lives in Brisbane after returning from a number of years overseas living and working in London at the Australian High Commission. Suzanne has completed Level 3 in Healing Touch and was first introduced to this modality at a HT workshop presented by Instructor, Monica Nebauer for a women’s group where she demonstrated self-chakra connection. She retired at the end of 2020, after working at University of QLD for 25 years, mainly as administrator at the UQ Psychology Clinic. During this time, she completed part time studies in Toowoomba with a Certificate in Transpersonal and Emotional Release Counselling and a Diploma of Counselling from TAFE. Suzanne greatly believe we are here on a spiritual journey and that Healing Touch acknowledges and honours the spirituality in all of us. 

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