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Welcome to the Australian Healing Touch Program Association Inc. Directory of Healing Touch Practitioners/Apprentices/Students* who have given permission to have their names and details included.


The Directory serves three (3) purposes:

  1. Facilitate Association members to make contact with each other;

  2. Assist any client wishing to receive a Healing Touch treatment to contact a listed Association member in their location;

  3. Assist more senior students (apprentices) going through their apprenticeship year (between Levels 4 & 5) to be contacted by clients for Healing Touch treatments;

To access this Directory we encourage you to read the following disclaimers. By clicking 'Practitioner Directory' you agree to the terms below:

  • We ensure that the Association members listed on this site are in good standing with the Australian Healing Touch Program Association Inc. (AHTPAI).  The AHTPAI does not monitor individual practices and therefore cannot endorse individuals or businesses.  We assume no liability for information, goods, or services provided by Association members listed in this directory.

  • We do not investigate or verify any additional non-Healing Touch credentials of Association members listed.

  • Association members are expected to work within their legal scope of practice and in accordance with HTP Statement of Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics.  Should you choose to access one of the Association members listed for a Healing Touch treatment, you have the right to expect the highest level of integrity and behaviour from those members listed.

  • This Directory is the sole property of the AHTPAI, and all rights are reserved.  Names from the Directory are not to be used for commercial purposes by any person or organisation without the express written permission of the Australian Healing Touch Program Association Inc. 

* A note that the Healing Touch course commences at Level 1 and is completed at Level 5. Those who have completed up to Level 3 are a 'student', while those who have completed Level 4 are an 'apprentice' and those who have completed Level 5 are a 'practitioner'. 

Those who have continued on to receive their certification as a practitioner are called 'certified practitioner'.

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