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Australian Healing Touch Program Class Schedule

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Perth & Queensland

For later this year to be advised



Healing touch




Energy Medicine

Heart Centred.


Perth & Queensland

For later this year to be advised


Perth & Queensland

For later this year to be advised







 Level4/5 workshops for 2022

 to be advised.

Advanced Practice 1

Workshops for WA in 2022

to be advised.




Level4/5 workshops for 2022

to be advised.

Advanced Practice 2

Date:  12-13th November 2022

Venue:  Brisbane, Qld.

Instructor: Monica Nebauer

Email: graceflower7401@gmail.com

Workshops for WA in 2022

to be advised.

To enquire or enrol please contact
LEVELS 1, 2 & 3  -  2 day workshop  

Regular Fee $690  Early Bird/Special $540

LEVELS 4 & 5  -  4 day workshop

ADVANCED 1 & 2  -  2 day workshop

(Concessions available for AHTPAI/HTPA members, FT Students, Pensioners & Repeat Students)


Western Australia:   email

Brisbane Qld:  email

Level 5

This course is powerful and a beautiful way to add depth to my practice of Healing Touch.

Student Feedback

Level 1

I felt supported and nurtured throughout the 2 days.  There was love and no judgment.  The teaching was clear and gently directive as needed.  It seems everyone in the group was open to learning, shifting and healing and had profound insights to share either during a healing or meditation that were shared in the debriefing.

Level 2

The energy principles represented an epiphany for me after 35+ years in nursing/midwifery, I learnt new information.  My interests in alternative medicine and yoga practice have provided some information on this however, Healing Touch crystallized and deepened my understanding.  

Many thanks and blessings.

Level 3

This level has been quite profound and opened up a whole new level of understanding of Healing Touch practices and of myself and my abilities to hold a space and be a channel for others to be able to heal themselves.  

It is an honour and a blessing to be connected in this way.

Level 4

I felt drained and tired on my arrival at the workshop. I doubted Healing Touch as a professional modality, due to my lack of practice.  After two sessions I re-connected to why I have faith and trust in HT.  Even though the workshop was intense, I feel leaving refreshed and energized, ready to move to Level 5.

Head Massage
A Practitioner Apprentice’s Story

The Healing Touch Program concept of “Therapeutic presence.”  Since I completed Level 4, I was recently

presented with an opportunity to acknowledge therapeutic presence in the most unlikely circumstance.  

During my working day at my job in the supermarket I was serving customers at the register as per usual. I suddenly realised that the customers at the end of my register were trying to get my attention. I looked down and saw a lady on the floor and she was clearly having a seizure. 

Alerting the manager to call an ambulance I rushed to her aid and knelt by her side. I was immediately filled with deep humility and as I listened with my heart I allowed my intuition to guide me. I placed my hands on her body while asking for divine help. I was feeling an overwhelming sense of calm and simply stayed with the lady. As I trusted the energy to do its work her seizure stopped and her breathing changed. I was feeling a deep sense of peace and compassion for this person who was so exposed in her vulnerability. Once the ambulance came I was able to return to my job at the register.  As I disconnected with the lady I asked that she be assisted further and there in the row of customers was a lady who was wearing a name tag which read “critical care nurse.” Not being a nurse myself I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude and asked her to assist us with the lady on the floor.

It was an unexpected emergency which had occurred, at the same time I understood that because I was able to connect with heart-centeredness I knew what to do to assist this lady until help arrived. Yes, I could not ask for her permission yet I could set my intention to be respectful and compassionate while staying centred and attuned. 

Also what I realised was that I was able to simply continue with my shift without feeling overcome with the trauma of the experience since I was able to set my intention to become grounded and disconnect from the experience. I became aware of how much I have learnt in my time practicing Healing Touch and therefore able to respond with a non-judgmental attitude.

In fact, I see how I am becoming one with the practice of being a therapeutic presence, not only with a client in a formal session, also in the most unexpected situation.