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  • Right Relationship and Wise Speech in Ethical Communication forHTP Practitioners and Students

    In addition to the four Level 1, 2, 3, and 4/5 Notebooks with their wealth of knowledge and wisdom within, Healing Touch Program (HTP) has two well-known documents to guide the practice of Healing Touch. These documents are the Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice which are found in each of the workshop Notebooks, as well as provided separately on the HTP website. For many years, these documents have guided those studying and practicing Healing Touch in many diverse geographical and cultural settings. In addition to those documents, more recently, Healing Touch practitioners and students have received additional support and guidance by the provision of the following document found in the Student/Practitioner section of the HTP website: Healing Touch Program Policy and Procedure for Implementing Healing Touch. 2 Together, these documents are provided to support and guide practitioners and students of Healing Touch in their understanding of ethical practice within the legal parameters that apply in their geographical location. While it is one thing to know what to do in certain situations, it is not so clear to know how to do what is required ethically and professionally. Therefore, this current document now seeks to add to and deepen the available resources by providing a philosophical and theoretical framework that will help practitioners and students know how to relate ethically and professionally to themselves, and to others in their healing community. To read the remainder of the article, click here.

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    What is Healing Touch Healing Touch is a holistic therapy that helps to restore and balance energy that has been depleted, due to stress, illness, injury, grief, medical conditions, surgery or medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. The goal of Healing Touch is to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system by creating an optimal environment to enable the body's innate tendency for healing to occur. ​ Healing Touch is for the health professional or layperson who wants to enhance wellness in themselves and the lives of people they care about by using the gift of energetic touch. Learning Healing Touch will enable you to offer comfort and relief when nothing else seems to help. You will possess a life-changing gift that you can give over and over again, once you have mastered simple, easy-to-learn steps and techniques that support health and facilitate the healing process. ​ Healing Touch is non-invasive with no invasive procedures such as injections or surgery, as well as non-toxic as it restores balance and harmony to the person’s biofield without the use of pharmaceuticals. Healing Touch is effective, as research has revealed its benefits include it: facilitates the relaxation response, enhances the healing process, and facilitates a deep sense of calm. Finally, Healing Touch is economical as it can be provided in any setting – whether hospital, clinic, community or home – without the need for any equipment or substances. The only requirements are that the practitioner has an open-heart, willing hands, and a desire and intent to be of help to the client for their healing and highest good. ​ Becoming a Healing Touch practitioner requires a commitment to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Practitioners embrace the concept that learning and growth are a part of our everyday lives and thus we are always learning and growing no matter how many years of education and practice in which we have engaged. ​ Level 1 is the beginning of your journey. It provides you with a foundational understanding of the human energy system, the energetic connection between mind, body, and spirit, and twelve (12) simple, yet highly effective hands-on techniques to promote healing, health and wellbeing for yourself and others. An Introduction to Healing Touch with Dr Monica Nebauer (Coming Soon) self love, self help, healing, harmony and balance, unconditional love, personal transformation, spiritual healing, heart-centred healing, learn energy healing, learn heart centred healing, universal healing, universal healing energy, sacred space, sacred healing, sacred energy, energetic coherence, healing hands, heal with hands, rebalance energy, healing program energy healing, energy healing courses Healing touch Healing Holistic Energy Energy Medicine Heart Centred. How to become a Practitioner The Healing Touch Modality supports individuals and practitioners to quickly and easily restore client health using our 3-step journey: Step 1: Enlighten Discover the basics of Energy Healing and how you can optimise health and well-being Step 2: Empower Learn the practices that restore, balance and support natural healing Step 3: Practice Begin the path to healing for yourself and others. Practice with confidence, as you learn to support the individual as a Whole - body, mind and spirit. What are some of the benefits of Healing Touch therapy? ​ Our overall health and quality of life are affected by our energy systems. In Healing Touch therapy, practitioners use their hands to help restore balance and harmony through working with the human energy field or life force. Healing Touch practitioners clear, balance and energise the client’s energy field, thereby placing the client in a position to initiate or accelerate the self-healing process. Through heart-centred intention and skill, practitioners use their hands to re-establish the natural flow of energy. Healing Touch practitioners do not force or push energy but allow balance and harmony to “reboot” the energy system. In doing so, clients may find that the treatment: Reduces pain Reduces anxiety Enhances recovery from surgery Improves mobility after surgery Relieves tension, stress and depression Provides support during chemotherapy and radiation therapy Strengthens the immune system Reduces the effects of trauma and chronic pain Supports the dying process Deepens spiritual connection Reduces the length of hospital stays

  • Curriculum | | Australia

    Curriculum Overview Your Healing Touch Journey The purpose-built Healing Touch educational program offers: A standardized, accredited curriculum with over 700 pages of fully illustrated text allowing students to study Healing Touch with any Healing Touch Certified Instructor, and trust that they are receiving a comprehensive professionally recognized education in the modality of Healing Touch; Program longevity (since 1990) offers students the experience of a time-tested program, strong foundational roots in health care and establish business infrastructure. You are assured that the time of energy you invest into your training will be protected; Ongoing, continuing education is offered for students, practitioners and instructors to support their personal and professional growth via teleseminars, on-site classes, conferences and other events; A professional education program progresses an individual from beginner to a board-certified accredited practitioner. Healing touch Healing Holistic Energy Energy Medicine Heart Centred. Healing Touch Level 1 (16 Hour Live Workshop) Level 1 provides you with a foundational understanding of the human energy system, the energetic connection between mind, body and spirit and 12 simple, yet highly effective hands-on techniques to promote healing, health and well-being in yourself and others. Plus discover how to connect with your own quiet center and open up to new insights and ideas. By the end of this class, you will gain understanding of the human energy system, confidence to share this with others, and a framework to work within. Learnings include: 12 techniques you can use immediately to relieve pain and calm emotions in yourself and others ​A step-by-step notebook that illustrates each healing technique and helps you understand the fundamental concepts and principles of Healing Touch ​Practice using your hands and heart to foster healing in yourself and others ​Heightened awareness of your subtle energy body (the invisible field that is the source for true health and well-being), the human energetic anatomy and how it is connected to mind, body and spirit ​Knowledge of how to assess and evaluate the seven chakras and energy layers that surround the body ​Ways to maintain balance in your own energy system so that you can thrive Confidence to share this exciting work with your friends, family, co-workers and in your community ​Resources that demonstrate the scientific validity of Healing Touch ​Introduction to the Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics that make the Healing Touch Program a professional, certified program ​Connection to a community of healers ​And so much more... Healing Touch Level 2 (16 Hour Live Workshop) In Level 2 you will develop your therapeutic skills to energetically interview and assess clients, create sacred space and combine techniques for a full-length healing session. This level includes 9 additional hands-on techniques to add to your Healing Touch Level 1 skills. By the end of this class, you’ll gain confidence and skill in facilitating one-hour healing sessions with intake interviews and complete documentation. You will: ​Acquire new specific techniques to deepen your client’s healing experience and support clients that are stuck, imbalanced, anxious or fearful Learn how to perform an intake interview with your clients including an energetic assessment to uncover root causes Discover how to clinically document your work with clients Explore ways to create a healing environment anywhere Gain a reliable and effective framework to guide you through client sessions Practice an intervention that can release cellular memory and symptoms from traumatic events Receive a step-by-step notebook that illustrates each intervention, clinical documentation, and intake skills You will learn: ​Specific techniques to address back and neck pain and promote deep healing ​A unique intervention to energetically focus and quiet the mind and balance the left and right sides of the brain ​A method to seal an energetic leak to quicken healing results And so much more... Healing Touch Level 3 (16 Hour Live Workshop) Level 3 cultivates your ability to apply intuition, listen to guidance and harness universal energy to address more complex health issues and promote lasting healing. This class focuses on your development as an energy practitioner through self-care and personal practices. You'll also be introduced to several new techniques that will continue to expand your understanding of the human energy field and how it manifests in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. By the end of this class, you will gain intuitive skills working with the seven auric layers of the field around the body. In Level 3 you will: ​Explore how to use your intuition to support your energy work by developing your Higher Sense Perception ​Become familiar with the four dimensions of the human energy system to deepen your spiritual intelligence Expand your energetic capacities, consciousness and healing abilities through a Hara Alignment to attain and maintain a high vibrational frequency to facilitate healing in your sessions ​Learn Full Spectrum Healing Sequence for complete activation of the energetic system Discover Energetic Chelation for charging and clearing the aura and additional Energetic Spinal Cleansing for spinal issues Learn Lymphatic Clearing to energetically flush and clear the lymphatic system assist with soreness, aches, tenderness in the groin, under the arms and neck, feet, swollen joints, chronic illness, toxicity or acute immune disease Experience working on the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh energetic bodies to fortify and reconnect the grid of the subtle bodies Practice repairing leaks or tears in the aura. And much more! Healing Touch Level 4 (30 Hour Online Workshop) Level 4 teaches practitioner concepts for Healing Touch in a practice setting, business concepts, ethics and standards, documentation of sessions, case management, and integration of HT activities within the community. Self-care, mentorship, 2 new techniques (Etheric Vitality/Full Body Connection), and preparation for course completion at Level 5 and certification are included in the curriculum. All students will partner with another student to experience and document a series of HT sessions as part of learning case management process. In Level 4 you will learn how to: ​Further your Healing Touch practice and move toward Program Completion ​Deepen your understanding of becoming and being a Practitioner ​Manage a case by doing a case study during class and learning through the experiences of others in your class ​Work through professional issues that may arise during your practice You will add 2 more methods to your healing repertoire: The Full Body Connection – a technique that provides a full-body balance and connection to help restore and relieve congestion in the physical and energetic field ​Etheric Vitality Meditation – a powerful centering process for the practitioner as it opens the channel for connecting with the Universal Energy Flow. Healing Touch Level 5 (30 Hour Online Workshop) Completion, Celebration & Commitment! Level 5 is a time of completion, celebration and commitment to continued progress and excellence. Assignments which were completed during the apprenticeship period are submitted and evaluated for course completion. This workshop is designed to acknowledge the student’s work and offer constructive suggestions for continued improvement. Celebration occurs as the student is acknowledged, appreciated and validated for the dedicated work accomplished during the apprenticeship period. Upon satisfactory completion of all work, the student receives a Certificate of Completion for the Healing Touch Program and achieves the Healing Touch Practitioner status (HTP) an official graduate of the certificate program. This class also prepares students to understand the international certification process and criteria, an optional step after program graduation. Healing Touch Level 5 assists the student in evaluating their progress and level of commitment to the certification process. In Level 5 you will: ​Experience how to evaluate the quality and completeness of homework shared by Level 5 classmates: documentation of sessions; reflective reports of educational experiences; reflective reports of receiving complementary modalities; reports of community HT activities and Healing Touch networking ​Practice presenting your Healing Touch story, work and role through presentation of your professional profile notebook ​Learn how to continue your self-development as a Healing Touch Practitioner ​Discover how to further develop your Healing Touch Practice and move toward certification readiness, if desired ​Discuss professional and clinical issues of private practice in Healing Touch ​Explore how to deepen your Healing Touch skills through an energetic experience of group healing with your peers ​Discuss the role of Healing Touch Research, the standards of care, code of ethics and scope of practice issues for a Healing Touch Practitioner ​Develop an understanding of the Healing Touch Organizations and how they serve students, practitioners, instructors, recipients of HT, and the public at large Certification Achieving the Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) credential is the highest standard available for Healing Touch practitioners. Earning the HTCP credential is a significant accomplishment that is recognized and respected in energy medicine. Certification is awarded to those who exhibit the professionalism, discipline and dedication required to meet the criteria. The rigorous requirements are designed to ensure the knowledge, skill and confidence of the applicant. In addition to over 100 hours of live classroom experience, applicants complete a one-year mentorship, provide evidence of case management, complete additional study work and receive a passing score on the board-certified practitioner exam. Receipt of the Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) credential signifies recognition as an accomplished professional that is recognized in both energy medicine and traditional healthcare. Find a Class

  • MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Australian Healing Touch Program Assn AHTPA

    Management Committee Lesley Pointon - President I have completed Level 4 in Healing Touch and regularly assist as a Helper in Level 1, 2 and 3 workshops. I live in Brisbane and am passionate about treating my family and friends and seeing improvements in their well-being. I have been associated with Healing Touch since 2014 and am currently serving as the President of the Australian Healing Touch Program Association Inc of which I am a Charter Member. I also assist at promotional events throughout the year and particularly enjoy assisting the other members of our Chapter at the ‘Homeless Connect’ days where we offer Healing Touch treatments to many less fortunate people within our Brisbane community. I love the beauty within Energy Healing and the joy and bliss I feel with each practice. My vision as the President of the Association is to build Healing Touch awareness in our communities by - encouraging others to enjoy a Healing Touch treatment and find out for themselves the benefits of this modality; growing the number of students participating in our courses so that more people can enjoy the benefits of Healing Touch within their families and communities, and growing our Association of energy healers to create a vibrant, cohesive, joyful community. Dr Monica Nebauer - Vice President I am Dr Monica Nebauer, RN (ret), PhD, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor and Qualified Mentor with Healing Touch Program in the USA. Following seven years as the inaugural President of the Australian Healing Touch Program Association, I am currently enjoying my new role of Vice-President of our national Association. I have extensive experience in teaching health professionals in health care settings and Universities in Australia. However, the most important part of my life is practising and teaching Healing Touch (energy healing) to people who want to learn ways of staying healthy that are complementary to the biomedical model of health care. My life purpose and dream is to practice and teach Healing Touch to as many people as possible, whether they are health professionals or lay people, so that eventually, Healing Touch will be known about and practised in every home, residential care facility and hospital in Australia. ​ Aileen Conradi - Hon. Secretary I am a Healing Touch Practitioner. I have been involved with Healing Touch since 2013 and more recently have been the Secretary of the Australian Healing Touch Professional Association Incorporated for the past two years. Although my working life has always been in administrative roles, I have always had an interest in alternative medicine and the healing arts. I have studied Massage, Touch for Health and completed short courses in Homeopathy and Aromatherapy. I love the simplicity of Healing Touch, practicing a Hara Alignment Meditation daily is just one of the wonderful techniques we can use to stay in a state of heart centeredness. I look forward to seeing the Healing Touch Program grow in Australia and being able to spend more time practicing this modality of healing. Barbara Simpson - Hon. Treasurer Barbara lives in Brisbane, Queensland and felt the connection with Healing Touch when introduced to it at a local Women's Space community event in 2018. This inspired her to undertake Level 1 and 2 training that same year and Level 3 in September the following year. In 2018 Barbara became a voting member of the Australian Healing Touch Program Association Management Committee and treasurer of the Association in 2019. She believes it's an honour to create relationships and hold sacred space to facilitate heartfelt healing. Dorothy Dunshea - New South Wales Representative Dorothy lives in Sydney and is a charter member of the Australia Healing Touch Program Association Inc., where she has completed Level 3 in Healing Touch. When Dorothy received a Diploma in Shiatsu, it was in her studies that she discovered the importance and wonder of energy healing. Prior to her Shiatsu training, Dorothy has completed a Pastoral Care counselling course, Reiki I & II and Rosen Method Bodywork, she has also completed and then for 15 years assisted in personal growth courses involving Gestalt therapy. When Dorothy was introduced to Healing Touch she immediately felt a deeper connection. She knew that, that is what she had to do, to help people find their own inner peace, joy, love and self worth. Katie McKinnon - Queensland Representative Katie is a Charter Member and Queensland Representative of the Australian Healing Touch Program Association (AHTPA), Hypnotherapist, Healing Touch Practitioner, Healing Touch for Children Instructor and Co-ordinator for Healing Touch Community events for her local area. Katie currently has a private practice in Logan and has been dedicated to the Healing Touch Program since 2012. Karen Bysouth - Victorian Representative There was always a keen interest in natural healing after Karen completed a Touch for Health course decades ago. Having always worked in the corporate world, she finally found her passion in learning about essential oils, become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist with the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy (ISHA) and is also one of their Australian instructors. During her studies, she facilitated the Australian ISHA certification program and was introduced to Dr Monica Nebauer who was often invited to talk to ISHA students about Healing Touch. From there her interest in Healing Touch and energy healing began to grow. Karen is a foundation member of the Melbourne Chapter for the Australian Healing Touch Program Association (AHTPA) and has completed Level 4. Karen says “Healing Touch complemented my aromatherapy and energy healing practice. I feel so honoured that many aromatherapy students have also taken numerous Healing Touch classes.” Shelley Spicer - Western Australian Representative I'm a Student HTP Practitioner Level 3, Advanced 1& 2 living in the hills south west of Perth, Western Australia. I have been involved with Energy Medicine since 2013. I am a member of HTPA and Charter Member of Australian Healing Touch Program Association. I run meetings of the Perth Chapter and connect with the Albany Chapter in the south of Western Australia. I am involved in promotion days at expos and workshops. I have been volunteering HT sessions to local aged care facilities and like to work with people suffering trauma. I am honoured to serve as W.A. Rep for AHTPA "LOVE IS ALL THERE IS". This is the one constant in the universe and in HTP. Suzanne Doyle - Voting Committee Suzanne was raised in the Lamington National Park and now lives in Brisbane after returning from a number of years overseas living and working in London at the Australian High Commission. Suzanne has completed Level 3 in Healing Touch and was first introduced to this modality at a HT workshop presented by Instructor, Monica Nebauer for a women’s group where she demonstrated self-chakra connection. She retired at the end of 2020, after working at University of QLD for 25 years, mainly as administrator at the UQ Psychology Clinic. During this time, she completed part time studies in Toowoomba with a Certificate in Transpersonal and Emotional Release Counselling and a Diploma of Counselling from TAFE. Suzanne greatly believe we are here on a spiritual journey and that Healing Touch acknowledges and honours the spirituality in all of us. Lee-Anne Gaskill - Voting Committee Hello, my name is Lee-Anne. I completed my Level 5 HT in November 2020. I am a non- practising RN, currently retired from the paid work force but rarely still. I am fortunate to live on 15 acres in the Sunshine coast hinterland, where my husband and l grow some of our own food, raise two head of cattle, are building chook and bird pens and host varying combinations of our children and grandchildren. Mostly we enjoy watching the change in seasons, the peace and quiet. Healing touch Healing Holistic Energy Energy Medicine Heart Centred.

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