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Welcome to the Australian Healing Touch Program

Energy Healing

Healing Touch is for the health professional or layperson who wants to enhance wellness in themselves and the lives of people they care about by using the gift of energetic touch. Learning Healing Touch (HT) will enable you to offer comfort and relief when nothing else seems to help. You will possess a life-changing gift that you can give over and over again, once you have mastered simple, easy-to-learn steps and techniques that support health and facilitate the healing process.



Healing Touch is done without the use of invasive procedures and offers a gentle, holistic way of healing.


Research has shown that Healing Touch facilitates the relaxation response and enhances the healing process.


Healing Touch restores balance and harmony to our natural biofield without the use of pharmaceuticals.



Healing Touch does not require the use of equipment or substances and can be done in any setting.

Reiki Treatment
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The Healing Touch Program is an international, multi-level educational program in energy based medicine therapy. The Healing Touch Program curriculum, progresses from beginning to advanced practice. As a professionally accredited program, the curriculum encompasses increasing levels of practice and techniques, standards of care, code of ethics and scope of practice.

Reiki Treatment
Restore Well-Being

With Healing Touch training you will have the skills you need to restore harmony and balance in the energy system of yourself and others, find relief for physical and emotional discomfort and reduce stress.

Practice with Confidence

Learn the art and science of Energy Healing and become a highly skilled healer through our nationally accredited and endorsed educational program.


Optimise Healing

Our program empowers you and those in your care to restore health and well-being through holistic means, giving you more alternatives to Holistic Universal Healing. 


Years providing Energy Education

and Wellness Solutions


Students and Practitioners

around the globe


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