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Right Relationship and Wise Speech in Ethical Communication forHTP Practitioners and Students

In addition to the four Level 1, 2, 3, and 4/5 Notebooks with their wealth of knowledge and wisdom within, Healing Touch Program (HTP) has two well-known documents to guide the practice of Healing Touch. These documents are the Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice which are found in each of the workshop Notebooks, as well as provided separately on the HTP website. For many years, these documents have guided those studying and practicing Healing Touch in many diverse geographical and cultural settings. In addition to those documents, more recently, Healing Touch practitioners and students have received additional support and guidance by the provision of the following document found in the Student/Practitioner section of the HTP website: Healing Touch Program Policy and Procedure for Implementing Healing Touch. 2 Together, these documents are provided to support and guide practitioners and students of Healing Touch in their understanding of ethical practice within the legal parameters that apply in their geographical location. While it is one thing to know what to do in certain situations, it is not so clear to know how to do what is required ethically and professionally. Therefore, this current document now seeks to add to and deepen the available resources by providing a philosophical and theoretical framework that will help practitioners and students know how to relate ethically and professionally to themselves, and to others in their healing community.

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