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2022 Healing Touch Conference

The 2022 Healing Touch Conference was hugely successful, with over 95 participants including practitioners and members in attendance.


The inaugral conference featured keynote speakers Ian White BSc, ND, DBM (founder & CEO of Australian Bush Flower Essences), energy healing specialist Janna Moll MSN, HTC, LMT, SEM (memorial presentation by Shelly Francis) and Dr Geoff Lyons BSc (Hon), PhD - Clinical Psychology (Inspirit Psychology, Holistic Mental Health Care).

The conference also featured several high-modality workshops:

  • Introduction to Healing TouchGillian Robertson HTCP/I (Core Star Healing)

  • Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono® – An Introduction - Debbie Raven RN, BAppSc(Nursing), MPhil (Nursing) (Ho’oponopono® (SITH®))

  • Ayurveda Medicine: Energy Therapy in Ayurveda - Sharene Gittins Ad Dip Ayurveda (Sariva Ananda Healing)

  • Sound Healing - Amanda Mackay (Sound Healing)

All presentations and workshops were recorded for all attendees to view at their leisure. Details for how to access these files were shared at the end of the conference and following the event via email, however, if you attended the event and are still unsure, we recommend you contact us here.

Your feedback is important to us, so please fill out the evaluation form below if you would like to share your conference experience with us.

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