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AHTPAI Scholarship

The Australian Healing Touch Program Association Inc. (AHTPAI) is offering scholarships to promote Healing Touch education in Australia.  These scholarships are intended to support members of the AHTPAI who are interested in advancing their Healing Touch education, but who may not have the financial means.


Scholarship Details
  • Limited to those wishing to advance their HTP education by registering for Level 4 and/or Level 5 workshops.

  • Up to a total of four (4) Level 4 or Level 5 HT scholarships will be awarded per calendar year.

  • Limited to one scholarship per year per person.

  • A maximum amount of $AU500 per student will be allocated per scholarship per year.

  • Applications to AHTPAI are due before April 1st and September 1st each year.

  • Applications for classes that start before the application due date will not be considered.

  • Awarded scholarships will be paid directly to the Instructor; the scholarship recipient is responsible for paying the Instructor the balance of the class tuition by the due date.

  • Cash will not be awarded and scholarships cannot be given or sold to others.

  • Scholarship recipients must take their class within one year of receipt of the scholarship (subject to class availability) or forfeit the scholarship.

  • Applicants are advised to apply also for scholarships from Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation (HTWF), as success in scholarship application to both AHTPAI and HTWF may totally cover the class registration fee.  Applications to HTWF are due before February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. 



AHTPAI scholarships are open to students who are members of the Australian Healing Touch Program Association Inc.  Newly joined members are eligible to apply.


Application Process
  • Application Form must be filled out completely.

  • Application Form must be submitted online.

  • Applicants will be notified of the decision within 4 weeks following the application deadline.

Additional Requirements

These scholarships are made possible through annual membership fees paid by our AHTPAI members as well as by fund-raising events such as Conferences, etc.  Members will be interested in learning how this Scholarship Program is benefitting students and the community.  Therefore, we require each scholarship recipient to write a letter (max. 500 words) within 3 months after completing their class outlining their progress in their Healing Touch education/studies, and how they are using Healing Touch.  Individual identities will not be disclosed.


Application Evaluation Process

Applications will be evaluated by a Scholarship Committee drawn from the AHTPAI Management Committee.  The application questions are designed to inform the Scholarship Committee of the applicant’s need for financial aid, why Healing Touch is important to the applicant, how they will use their new skills and their commitment to continue their studies.


Applications are kept strictly confidential by the Scholarship Committee and the Management Committee.  The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.

Apply Now

Please complete the form to apply for an AHTPAI scholarship.

This can be done online (right) or by downloading it as a PDF and emailing it to


Thanks for submitting!

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